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Licensing information

To operate a crane you need to submit certain documents including a copy of you Nationally Accredited Crane Certification

If you have not obtained your OSHA Accredited Crane Operator Certificate, click the link now!!!

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Hoisting Machine Operators Advisory Board (HMOAB)
To provide public and worker safety, the 1998 Hawaii State Legislature created the Hoisting Machine Operators Advisory Board (HMOAB) to adopt Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) for the certification of hoisting machine operators. This was done by adding Sections 19 and 20 to the Occupational Safety and Health Law, Chapter 396 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS). The HMOAB developed and adopted Chapter 12-48 (HAR), Hoisting Machine Operators, which became effective on December 6, 2002.

Under these rules, certification is required for operators using equipment covered by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) B30.5 Mobile and Locomotive Cranes, having a lifting capacity of more than one ton and that are used to perform construction work as defined by Section 12-50-2 HAR. The rules require operators to show that they have the experience, training, qualifications and certification to safely operate these hoisting machines. Enforcement of this requirement is covered in Section 12-110-50 HAR.

*It is essential that you check with your local government and confirm that the information listed above is still good today. This information
should only be used as a tool to help you figure out what type of license you need to operate certain types of equipment.

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