Idaho Crane operator training, licensing and safety information

Idaho crane license

Licensing information

As of today there are no licensing requirements to operate a Crane. Please note this could change at any time. Below are three links that can help keep you up to date for any changes to the Sate laws.

If you have not obtained your OSHA Accredited Crane Operator Certificate, click the link now!!!

News Articles

Boise's Main Street to close for crane construction
BOISE -- A busy section of Main Street in downtown Boise will be closed for part of the day throughout the next week, while crews construct a 310-foot crane at the City Center Plaza construction site. The tower crane will be tall enough to move above the neighboring US Bank Building, officials said. Crews have spent the last four weeks installing the crane's 450-ton foundation in the northwest quadrant of the site.

*It is essential that you check with your local government and confirm that the information listed above is still good today. This information
should only be used as a tool to help you figure out what type of license you need to operate certain types of equipment.

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