Iowa Crane operator training, licensing and safety information

Iowa crane license

Licensing information

As of today there are no licensing requirements to operate a Crane. Please note this could change at any time.

If you have not obtained your OSHA Accredited Crane Operator Certificate, click the link now!!!

News Articles

Iowa postal facility fined nearly $120K for hazards that put workers’ lives at risk
OSHA cited the U.S. Postal Service sorting facility in Des Moines, Iowa, for two repeated and two serious safety violations for hazards that could have cost workers their lives in the event of a fire or other emergency. The citations follow a December 2015 investigation of a complaint alleging various safety concerns at the facility. The investigation found that emergency exit routes were blocked, a mechanical fire door was inoperable, and workers were exposed to slip, trip and fall hazards and not trained on an emergency action plan.

Railroad traffic will be rerouted
Authorities say railroad traffic will be rerouted until debris is removed. The operator worked for A.M. Cohron & Son Inc. of Clarinda. Company chairman Keith Harlan says he was in his mid- to late 20s but did not release his name. Crews at the site about 50 miles west of Des Moines are replacing the bridge over the railroad.

*It is essential that you check with your local government and confirm that the information listed above is still good today. This information
should only be used as a tool to help you figure out what type of license you need to operate certain types of equipment.

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