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Licensing information

As of today there are no licensing requirements to operate a Crane. Please note this could change at any time. Below are three links that can help
keep you up to date for any changes to the Sate laws.

If you have not obtained your OSHA Accredited Crane Operator Certificate, click the link now!!!

News Articles

Michigan landscaping company obtains Cease Operations Order for exposing workers to hazards
Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued a Cease Operations Order to Sunset Tree Service & Landscaping LLC in Bay City for exposing workers to potentially serious injuries by continuing to operate without abating previously identified hazards.

MIOSHA inspectors determined that the company failed to adequately provide safe access to feed rolls on a wood chipper, failed to guard a shaft on the wood chipper, defeated the safety features on an operator safety control bar, and failed to train workers in safe tree trimming operations and practices. From 2011 to 2017, the company has had an extensive history of safety and failure to abate violations.

Certified crane operators in short supply for Michigan refinery shut down
Experienced crane operators understand the value of certifications. Even in this down economy, certified crane operators are getting harder to find as more contractors and owners require their operators to be certified. In Michigan, I.U.O.E. Local 324 is foreseeing a shortfall of certified crane operators for upcoming work within its jurisdiction.

The Marathon oil refinery will be undergoing a shutdown of six to eight weeks in Detroit right after the Labor Day weekend. Matt Everly, Local 324 dispatcher, predicts he will not have enough certified operators to man the vast number of cranes on the project. He asks that any and all interested and qualified members of Local 139 to give him a call at 248-451-0324, ext. 1669, to be eligible for this work.
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The project is expected to employ up to 180 crane operators. Most of these will be RTs or carry-deck (Broderson) type cranes requiring the CCO TSS or TLL certification. The Homeland Security check can be completed over the phone simply by providing some basic information. The drug test will be conducted using a hair follicle as opposed to giving a urine sample.

The hair-follicle test will detect substance use from months past instead of weeks past. White Construction will be the contractor for this work. Matt assures me that any Local 139 member who applies and is qualified will likely receive a call for this work. In the past we had 12 of our members go to Detroit for a shutdown for a month. All reported that they were treated very well.

Tip for travelling out of state: Some members have reported great savings finding a house to rent on Craig's list as opposed to renting a room. This savings increased when they were willing to share the house with other Operating Engineers. If you contact Local 324 for this work and are interested in making your name available to fellow 139 members going to the project, let me know. Pass along your email address and phone number to me and I will attempt to put you all in contact with one another.

Michigan cites packaging company following series of amputation incidents
Michigan OSHA issued seven citations to AJM Packaging Corp. in Taylor for failing to protect workers from amputation hazards. Three willful citations were issued for not utilizing machine lockout procedures and a fourth willful citation was issued for not providing employees with training on lockout procedures. MIOSHA inspections revealed a pattern of violations that have resulted in more than 10 separate incidents of finger and fingertip amputations from unguarded machines since 2012.

*It is essential that you check with your local government and confirm that the information listed above is still good today. This information
should only be used as a tool to help you figure out what type of license you need to operate certain types of equipment.

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