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Virginia crane operators

Licensing information

As of today there are no licensing requirements to operate a Crane. Please note this could change at any time.

If you have not obtained your OSHA Accredited Crane Operator Certificate, click the link now!!!

News Articles

Virginia cites Georgia Pacific after hazards cost worker’s life
The Virginia Occupational Safety and Health Program issued $84,000 in penalties to Georgia Pacific in Big Island for safety violations discovered after a fatal incident in November.
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VOSH inspectors determined that the company had removed a nip roll guard from a floor opening, and six days later, a worker servicing a paper machine fell through the unguarded hole into a pulp tank and drowned. VOSH inspectors issued citations to the company for two serious and one willful violations.

What Type of Crane Operator Training Programs Are Available?

Many schools offer crane operator training programs designed to help you earn crane operator certification or improve your skills on the job. You may choose to enroll in a training program for one or more of the types of commonly used cranes, which include swing cab, fixed cab and lattice boom cranes. Some schools offer crane operator recertification programs if you're already a skilled crane operator but need recertification.

If you plan to work around power lines with cranes or heavy equipment, rigging and signalperson training is also recommended. In addition to training programs, some community colleges and vocational schools also offer individual courses on crane operation and safety. The training programs meet the regulatory safety requirements set by OSHA.

As a successful graduate of crane operator training programs, you'll have the knowledge and skills required to safely operate and maintain cranes. Although employees leaving their jobs may open up some positions, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) stated that material moving occupations would see little employment growth from 2008-2018 ( As of 2009, crane operators earned an annual median wage of $44,140.

*It is essential that you check with your local government and confirm that the information listed above is still good today. This information should only be used as a tool to help you figure out what type of license you need to operate certain types of equipment.

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