Cranes101 is a National training company with the ability to train at on-site locations.

Cranes101 has had the pleasure of training companies big and small all over the USA, Dominican Republic, and Africa. We always offer our services to be done at our place or yours – wherever that may take us!

What Makes Cranes101 Unique?

  • Our instructors have decades of field knowledge as crane operators, giving them the ability to relate to the attendees on a real-life basis.
  • Our training programs are portable to be done at your location, on your equipment, on your time.
  • Cranes101 is insured, experienced, our programs meet OSHA’s requirements, and most importantly, we are always at your service.
  • The President of Cranes101 is an active Committee Member of ASME Main Committee and Sub-committees B30.5, B30.11, and B30.16, among many other organizations involved in safety standards and regulations.
    (For a complete list of our trainer’s qualifications, please see the bios below.)

Meet the Cranes101 Team

Jennifer Sturm
Jennifer Sturm Cranes101

In 2017, Jennifer’s company, JT Sturm Corporation, purchased the divisions of Sturm Corporation, her father’s company that has been established since 2001. Those divisions include Cranes Aerial Truck Service, Cranes101, and Cranes101 Online.

Jennifer had started with Sturm Corporation while she was still attending high school. Growing up in the construction safety industry, she has gained a unique perspective that enables her to communicate industry regulations and changes in safety to the public. Her involvement has led her to meet with some of the highest regarded safety pioneers in the industry.

Jennifer’s ability to understand the ins and outs of the industry while keeping the end-user in focus helps JT Sturm Corporation in building programs that are consumer-friendly and up-to-date.

Experiences & Achievements:

  • Management and Communication CEU (2011, 2013
  • Leadership for Women Levels I & II
  • OSHA 10-hour Construction Certified
  • Advisory Board Member for Crane Institute Certification

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