Cranes101 Industrial Safety Program

We at Cranes101 are excited to offer MA State License In-House Training Programs to our customers. We will come to your site and evaluate your needs and recommend the proper in-house training programs. We at Cranes101 will make your company complaint with MA state licensing regulation as well as OSHA regulation.
Each situation can be different
Please call for a quote.

Benefits of an In-House Program:

  • No State tests

  • No State processing fees

  • No DOT medical card needed

  • No Drivers license needed

  • Quickly get people licensed
  • In-house safety training
  • Limited Employee job time disruption

Cranes101 ISP Includes

  • 3-Year Forklift Operator Performance Evaluation

  • Price Guarantee while in contract

  • State Approved Picture License

  • Training Certificates for your Employee Records

  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts Services, including In-house license application

  • Continuing Education Classes at a Discounted Rate

  • Discounted rates to all of Cranes101 training programs

  • Reduced Travel charges for all equipment inspections by a qualified person

  • Experts Consulting Advice Line 866-788-7600

Note:To ensure compliance, we will provide your Safety Officer with current copies of the OSHA, ANSI, and State Standards.

Cranes101 ISP Includes

  • License Preparation Course for the Licensee

  • One Train the Trainer Class

  • State Review & Changes