Crane Load Charts Download Page

Crane load charts
  • Please note that the crane load charts available here for download are not serial number specific.
  • You must obtain your specific load chart from the crane manufacturer.
  • The load charts listed below are for REFERENCE ONLY!
  • Click on the name of the manufacturer to go to thier website.

Grove Cranes
All Terrain Cranes
GMK-3055 Download
GMK-3060 Download
GMK-4100B Download
GMK-4100L Download
GMK-4115 Download
GMK-4115L Download
GMK-5115 Download
GMK-5135 Download
GMK-5165-2 Download
GMK-5180-1 Download
GMK-5200-1 Download
GMK-5225 Download
GMK-5250L Download
GMK-5275 Download
GMK-6300L Download
GMK-6400 Download
GMK-7550 Download
Rough Terrain Cranes
RT-530E Download
RT-540E Download
FT-600E Download
RT-765E-2 Download
RT-770E Download
880E Download
RT-9130E-2 Download
RT-9150E Download
Truck Mounted Cranes top
TMS-700E Download
TMS-9000E Download

Lattice cranes
ABS/API models
ABS-48A Download
ABS-78A Download
ABS-108B Download
ABS-138A Download
ABS-218 Download
ABS-218A Download
ABS-238A Download
API-65 Download
API-100 Download
API-218 Download
API-238A Download
HC models
HC-48 Download
HC-48A Download
HC-58 Zephyrcrane Download
HC-58B Zephyrcrane Download
HC-77 Download
HC-78A Zephyrcrane Download
HC-78B Download
HC-98A Download
HC-98B Download
HC-108 Download
HC-108A Download
HC-108B Download
HC-108C Download
HC-108D Download
HC-138 Download
HC-138A Download
HC-208 Download
HC-218 Download
HC-218A Download
HC-218H Download
HC-228H Download
HC-238 Download
HC-238 Tower Crane Download
HC-238A Download
HC-238B Download
HC-238H Download
HC-248H Download
HC-258 Download
HC-268 Download
HC-278H Download
HYLAB 5 models top
138 HYLAB 5 Download
218 HYLAB 5 Not Available
K models
K-360 Download
K-370 Not Available
K-608 Not Available
LS models
LS-50 Download
LS-51 Download
LS-58 Download
LS-68 Download
LS-75 Download
LS-78 Download
LS-78C Download
LS-78 Pipeliner Download
LS-80 Download
LS-98 Download
LS-98A Download
LS-98C Download
LS-98D Unavailable
LS-98C Download
LS-98 Pipeliner Download
LS-108B Download
LS-108C Download
LS-108D Download
LS-108H II Download
LS-110C Download
LS-118 Download
LS-128DLC Download
LS-138H Download
LS-138H II Download
LS-208H Download
LS-208H II Download
LS-308H II Download
LS-218H Download
LS-218H II Download
LS-228H Download
LS-238H Download
LS-248H Download
LS-248H II Download
LS-278H Download
LS-318 Download
LS-338 Download
LS-408 Download
LS-418 Download
LS-418A Download
LS-518 Download
LS-518B Download
LS-718 Download
LS-718 Heavy Lift Download
LS-718 Tower Download
LS-818 Download
LS-918 Download
LS-1018 Download
TC models top
TC-48A Download
TC-78B Download
TC-108C Download
TC-108D Download
TC-138 Download
TC-218 Download
TC-238 Download
TC-318 Download
TC-338 Download
TC-418A Download
TC-518 Download
UC models
UC-68 Download
UC-78B Download
UC-98A Download
UC-108B Download
Telescopic cranes
ATC models
ATC-822 Download
HCD models
HCD-80B Download
HSP models
HSP-15 Download
HSP-18 Download
HSP-22 Download
HSP-25 Not Available
HSP-8015 Download
HSP-8018 Download
HSP-8018C Download
HSP-8018XL Download
HSP-8020 Download
HSP-8020C Download
HSP-8022 Download
HSP-8022C Download
HSP-8025S Download
HSP-8028S Download
HSP-8030 Download
HSP-8035 Download
HSP-8035S Download
HSP-8040 Download
HSP-8045 Download
HSP-8050 Download
HSP-8055 Download
HSP-8060 Download
HT models
HT-200 Download
HT-300 Download
HT-400 Unavailable
HT-450 Download
HTC models top
HTC-25 Download
HTC-35 Download
HTC-50 Download
HTC-50W Download
HTC-814 Download
HTC-814XL Download
HTC-822S Download
HTC-825S Download
HTC-828S Download
HTC-830 Download
HTC-835 Download
HTC-835XL Download
HTC-840 Download
HTC-850 Download
HTC-860 Download
HTC-1040 Download
HTC-1050 Download
HTC-1055 Download
HTC-1060 Download
HTC-1170 Download
HTC-8640 Download
HTC-8640 HL Unavailable
HTC-8650 Download
HTC-8650 II Download
HTC-8660 Download
HTC-8665 Download
HTC-8670 Unavailable
HTC-8670LB Unavailable
HTC-11100 Download
HTT models
HTT-8660 Not Available
HTT-8670 Not Available
HTT-8670LB Not Available
RTC models
RTC-8018 Download
RTC-8020 Download
RTC-8022 Download
RTC-8025 Download
RTC-8028 Download
RTC-8030 Download
RTC-8035 Download
RTC-8050 Download
RTC-8060 Download
RTC-8064 Download
RTC-8065 Download
RTC-8070 Download
YC models top
YC-18 Download
YC-48 Download

All Terrain Cranes
ATF 50G-3 Download
ATF 70G-4 Download
ATF 100G-4 Download
ATF 130G-5 Download
ATF 180G-5 Download
ATF 220G-5 Download
ATF 400G-6 Download
ATF 600G-8 Download
Rough Terrain Cranes
GR-150XL Download
GR-350XL Download
GR-500XL Download
GR-550XL Download
GR-750XL Download
GR-900XL Download
GR-1000XL Download
GR-1600XL Download
Boom Trucks
TM-ZR506XL Download
TM-ZE500 Series Download
TM-1052 Download

Terex Corporation
All terrain cranes
AC-40-2 Download
AC-40-2L Download
AC-100-4L Download
AC-250-1 Download
AC-350-6 Download
AC-500-2 Download
AC-700 Download
AC-1000 Download
Challenger-3160 Download
Challenger-3180 Download
Explorer 5500 Download
Explorer 5600 Download
Explorer 5800 Download
Telescopic cranes
T 340-1 Download
T 340-1 XL Download
T 560-1 Download
T 780 Download
Boom Trucks top
BT 2047 Download
TM 3851 Download
BT 3870 Download
BT 4792 Download
BT 70100 Download
BT 28106 Download
Crossover 4500L Download
Crossover 5000 Download
Crossover 6000 Download
Crossover 8000 Download
RS 70100 Download
Lattice boom crawler cranes
HC 80 Download
HC 110 Download
HC 165 Download
HC 230 Download
HC 285 Download
CC 2400-1 Download
CC 2800-1 Download
CC 2800-1-NT Download
Superlift 3800 Download
CC 6800 Download
CC 8800-1 Download
CC 8800-1 TWIN Download
Rough Terrain Cranes
RT 35 Download
RT 45 Download
RT 45L Download
RT 100 Download
RT 130 Download
RT 230 Download
RT 230 XL Download
RT 555 Download
A 600 Download
Quadstar 1065 Download
RT 670 Download
RT 780 Download
Quadstar 1075 Download
Quadstar 1075L Download
Quadstar 1100 Download
Pick & Carry Craness
AT-15-3 Download
AT-22 Download
MAC 25-4 Download
Self Erecting Tower Cranes top
CBR 21H Download
CBR 24 PLUS Download
CBR 28 PLUS Download
CBR 32 PLUS Download
CBR 40H Download
Eazy 90 Download
Flat Top Tower Cranes
FC 6.24H Download
CTT 91-5 Download
CTT 121/A-5 Download
CTT 162-8 Download
CTT 182-8 Download
CTT 191-10 Download
CTT 231-12 Download
CTT 332-16 Download
CTT 361-18 Download
CTT 361-20 Download
CTT 561A-20 Download
CTT 561A-32 Download
CTT 721-40 Download
Hammerhead Tower Cranes
SK 415-20 Download
SK 575-32 Download
Luffing Jib Tower Cranes
CTL 140-10 Download
CTL 180-16 Download
CTL 260-18 Download
CTL 340-24 Download
CTL 430-24 Download
CTL 630B-32 Download
CTL 650F-45 Download
CDK 100-16 (Derrick) Download
CTL 1600-66 Download

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