Medium Mobile Hydraulic Introduction Crane Class
Nationally Accredited Crane Certificate
Note: This course is coming soon! For more information call us at 866-788-7600 or request information using this FORM

This 3 week Course is designed to teach the student how to operate Mobile Hydraulic Cranes. It will consist of both classroom and hands on training. You will also be taking your Nationally Accredited Crane Certificate test for mobile hydraulic cranes. You will also receive your signalperson rigger certificate from Cranes101.

Material covered in this course:

  • Crane Components
  • Intro to Hydraulic Theory
  • Mathematical Calculations
  • Load Moment Indicator (LMI)
  • Inspection Parameters
  • Wire Rope
  • Standard Hand Signals
  • Load Charts
  • Safety standards wisdom

Hands On:

  Performed on: Boom Truck & All Terrain Crane
  • Reading and Understanding the manuals
  • Pre-use inspection
  • Monthly inspection
  • Proper crane set up
  • Pinning a jib
  • Wire Rope
  • Adding counter weights
  • Maneuvering a load
  • Receiving and giving hand signals
  • Proper crane tear down

Location: Cranes101
57 Mendon St. Bellingham MA 02019
Price: $5,995 per/person
*Includes Materials and all registration fees

Maximum amount of students: 8
Please call 866.788.7600 to Register