Crane and Hoist Rigging Training

This Crane and Hoist Rigging class was written specifically to comply with OSHA 1926.1400 and to give the worker an overview of hazards that he may work near in the course of his day.

Material covered in this course:
  • Rigging Component identification
  • Mathematical Calculations
  • Sling selection
  • Rigging Inspection
  • Wire Rope and chain design
  • Proper rigging techniques

This class meets or exceeds the requirements of OSHA 1926.1400, ASME B30.5 and ASME B30.9

The president of Sturm Corp./ Cranes Safety Institute has accentuated his years of experience with his appointment to ASME B30 safety code writing committee and sub-committees that include B30.5 Mobile Cranes, B30.16 Overhead Cranes and B30.11 Under hung and Monorails Cranes.

This class is designed for the attendees who are using this training to comply with OSHA 1926.1400 Crane and Derrick Standards

Signal Person Training

OSHA 1926.1400 for Signalpersons

This Signal Person Training course meets OSHA 1926.1428 cranes and derricks qualification requirements for a certified Signal Person

Certificate is awarded by Crane's Safety Institute

Course 1A schedule
Material covered in this course:
  • Crane Components
  • Proper use of the ANSI hand signals
  • Crane limitations
  • Crane characteristics and dynamics
  • Signalperson requirements per OSHA 1926.1419-1926.1422
  • Working near power lines
  • Voice signals

This training meets the requirements mandated in OSHA 1926.1419 through 1926.1422 and 1926.1428, and ANSI/ASME B30 standards.

The Signal Person class can be held at our place or at your facility. Our trainers come equipped with their own laptop and projector allowing them to hold the class in any atmosphere. We hold classes all over the country from California to Massachusetts.

The Signal Person class has 1 to 2 hours of classroom training followed by a written test and then we perform the practical test using a crane that you provide. Once each person has passed both parts of the class we will award them with a wallet card and certificate stating they are a qualified Signal Person.


There are currently no open classes scheduled for this course.

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